Apple Music runs natively on ChromeOS, Android app hits 40 million installs

Apple Music's influence is stretching further into Google's ecosystem

ChromeOS users can now download Apple Music app natively on their devices.

Apple Music’s update note on the Play Store states that the company has added “support for Chromebooks.” There are a few other updates like “more editorial highlights in Browse,” and of course, “various bug fixes.”

You can grab Apple Music for your Chromebook from the Play Store.

According to a separate report from SensorTower, Android users have installed the Apple Music app roughly 40 million times around the globe.

For reference, Apple released that it had 50 million paid subscribers in late January this year. Therefore, it’s likely that a fair number of these installs are coming from people who are checking out the app or taking advantage of the free trial.

Source: Play Store, SensorTower