Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls: Blades action-RPG now in early access on Android

The Elder Scrolls Blades combat

The Elder Scrolls: Blades, a mobile entry in Bethesda Game Studios’ popular open-world fantasy role-playing game series, is now available in early access on Android and iOS.

The free-to-play game was first announced at E3 2018 last June and shown off running on the iPhone XS at an Apple keynote in September. However, it was subsequently delayed to early 2019 out of its original fall 2018 release window.

Outside of the U.S., MobileSyrup can also confirm that the early access version of Blades is available on Canadian Android and iOS devices as well.

A short demo is available before the game prompts players to register for a free Bethesda.net account. Once that is sorted out, players will gain access to the full early access build of Blades. 

Right from the start, Blades will feel at home to Elder Scrolls fans with the series‘ signature melee- and magic-based combat, which can be carried out using various swipes and taps on the screen. The game will feature fully customizable characters and both hand-crafted and procedurally-generated dungeons.

Single-player content will include standard quests, the ‘rogue-like’ endless dungeon-crawler mode ‘Abyss’ and a ‘Town’ mode that tasks players with building towns of their own. Online multiplayer is also supported to let players visit each other’s towns or fight one another in a dedicated PvP ‘Arena’ mode.

The early access build also gives players a first look at Blades‘ in-game purchases, which Bethesda had previously been quiet about. As noted by Android Police, players can purchase in-game resources in increments of up to $99.99 USD (about $134 CAD). However, given that the game just went into early access, it remains to be seen how much players might feel pressured into buying them based on the balance of in-game currencies.

A release date for the final version of Blades on Android and iOS has yet to be confirmed.

Via: Android Police