Volkswagen aims to break electric vehicle cost barrier under SEAT

The automaker wants the SEAT EV to cost just under an estimated $30,000 CAD

Volkswagen is reportedly manufacturing a new electric-focused platform that will allow its EVs to be more affordable.

One of these cars is aiming to cost less than €20,000 (approximately $30,000 CAD) and will be marketed under its SEAT brand.

“The planned starting price of under €20,000 means it would be the cheapest electric car on the market, one that many ordinary car buyers could afford,” said Seat’s CEO Luca de Meo to the Financial Times.

The German automaker also plans to sell millions of these vehicles by 2025.

Seat is known for producing low-cost vehicles, so it makes sense that this cheaper EV will adopt the Spanish automotive company’s branding.

If Volkswagen does bring this car overseas with the same price, it would be the most affordable EV available, as most start from roughly $40,000.

For now, the German company is focusing on its MEB platform, which is a modular design that standardizes EV models to increase production and performance.

Seat is also using this platform for its first electric car, the el-Born, which was revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

Source: Financial Times Via: electrek