Google Assistant adds a bunch of new features and better search result layout

Google Assistant is getting some more tools

Google Assistant is adding new family features

Google Assistant is getting easier to use today with a new update that provides more visual context to searches as well as several new tools.

Google is building off its touch-friendly refresh to Assistant on Android with it’s April 5th, 2019 update. The update focuses on making search results appear in a more browsable and appealing way.

For example, searching for something like “cute cats” used to show a list or words detailing cute cat breed. After today’s update asking Google Assistant for “cute cats” returns images of popular breeds and a related list.

This isn’t the only type of search that the Mountain View company has improved. Stock, Events and basic web searches have all been enhanced in various ways.

On top of all of this, the company is adding in some tools that make the assistant on your phone even more helpful. In its blog post, it shared screenshots for a bubble level, mortgage and tip calculators plus a colour picker.

Source: Google