Rebuilt Snapchat app launches on Android with faster performance and fewer bugs

Android users should no longer have a clunky experience using the social media platform


Snap has released an update to its Snapchat for Android app, which will offer a faster, more optimized experience.

The social media app usually quite ran sluggish and buggy on Android, resulting in a less favourable to use when compared to Instagram.

In my personal use, Snappables, the service’s augmented reality games, highlighted these issues, often making them cumbersome to play.

However, this update aims to eliminate those problems, as the app was rebuilt specifically for Android OS.

While there aren’t any major UI changes to report, Android users will no longer be stuck with lesser experience compared to iPhone users.

Snap recently launched its in-app social gaming platform called Snap Games, which offers six playable games and supports live voice chat.

Snapchat is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Twitter (@Snapchat) Via: The Verge