Become an In-Demand DevOps Pro with This 75-Hour Training

Trying to begin or further a career in the ever-expanding world of tech can be obnoxiously difficult. Although demand for talented IT engineers, software developers, and web designers has never been higher, neither has the competition for these coveted positions.

And while you can invest a large number hours and a depressingly large amount of money in a traditional computer science education, chances are that your training will be practically obsolete in a matter of years (if not months).

Still, there are several subcategories of tech that are so important that they still remain safe bets when it comes to landing your dream job. As a multifaceted methodology that works to streamline the entire software production and integration process, DevOps stands as one such subcategory, and the DevOps Certification Training Master Class Bundle will teach you everything you need to know in order to get started for 95% off at just $69.

With 75 hours of in-depth training conducted by some of the most respected educators in tech, this extensive bundle is ideal for both first-time DevOps students and more seasoned pros who want to brush up on their skills and learn the newest tricks of the trade.

Although relied upon by virtually every tech firm both large and small, DevOps can be a tricky field to master, since it combines so many different elements, platforms, and tools.

This training makes it easier than ever to learn DevOps by introducing you a series of go-to tools and platforms such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Cucumber, TeamCity, Ansible, and Nagios—all through easy-to-follow instruction that relies on real-world examples.

You’ll learn how to deploy, manage, and operate highly-scalable systems in Amazon Web Services (AWS), work with Microsoft Azure and Puppet, create your own Ansible playbooks and manage entire cloud infrastructures, and much more.

There’s also instruction that teaches you how to configure a wide range of network devices across operating systems ranging from Linux to Windows, and you’ll walk away from your training having mastered the most essential elements of Agile Scrum—a popular set of development methodologies based on interactive builds in which you find the solutions to complex problems through streamlined approaches and dynamic teams.

Breaking into the increasingly lucrative and important world of tech can be tricky. Give yourself the skills and tools you need to be competitive at virtually any tech or development firm with help from the DevOps Certification Training Master Class Bundle. Usually priced at $1,499, this extensive training is currently available for just $69—95% off for a limited time.