Canadians can now get the Razer Phone 2 in limited Satin Black

The new Razer Phone 2

Despite having an uncertain future, the Razer Phone 2 is still on sale, and the gaming company has made a new colour available to Canadians.

You can now get the Razer Phone 2 in ‘Satin Black’ instead of the regular ‘Mirror Black’ colour.

It hardly counts as a colour change — both options are black, after all — but the new ‘Satin’ style adds a textured finish to the back of the phone instead of the glossy fingerprint magnet that was Mirror Black.

Further, Razer says the new colour option will only be available in limited quality.

Limited or not, the new Satin Black option shouldn’t be the reason you decide to buy the Razer Phone 2. Even at $699, I think you can find better, newer phones on the market.

Razer Phone 2 in Satin Black and Mirror Black

Razer Phone in Mirror Black (left) and Satin Black (right)

Beyond the 120Hz refresh rate screen, the Razer Phone 2 doesn’t really set itself apart in a significant way. As for gaming on the phone, well, Razer’s CEO noted the experience is sub-par. So, there’s no good reason to get the Razer Phone 2.

But hey, at least you can buy it in Satin Black, right?