You can finally use Google Fit on iOS with your Apple Watch

Google users with iPhones, rejoice

If you’re a die-hard Google fan but have an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, you can now download and use the Google Fit app.

Not only will it work with iOS but you can use data from the Apple’s Health app. This means that all of the workouts and steps that your Apple Watch records will count towards your Google Fit ‘Move Minutes’ and ‘Heart Points.’

Move Minutes and Heart Points are Google Fit’s metrics for tracking your activity throughout the day. The concept is pretty simple — the more you move, the more Move Minutes you’ll get. Whenever you do something intense like a workout, you start to rack up Heart Points.

Google recommends metrics based on the American Health Association and the World Health Association’s suggested amounts of daily physical activity, but users can go in and raise or lower their goals depending on how active they are.

The app also syncs with a ton of other fitness apps like the Nike Run Club, Headspace, Daily Yoga and more to gather as much data as possible in one convenient location.

Source: Google