App Store users are stuck in an endless loop bug when trying to update apps [Update]

Update 25/04/19: Victims of this bug weren’t crazy. Apple is rolling out a fix in the coming hours, according to TechCrunch.

According to Macrumors, users of Apple’s AppStore have reported getting stuck in an endless loop bug when attempting to add or update an application on their device.

When picking a new app to download or update, a prompt saying “Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions have changed” appears, asking users to read and accept the new terms.

Picking the accept option loads the App’s store page once more prompting users again with the same message of needing to read and accept new terms. 

Is this happening to you? Some users say that hitting cancel makes the issue go away, but that means they would not be able to access the app.

Source: Macrumors