Google Contacts feature lets you add contacts without switching apps

Google Contacts rounded square icon

Android Pie and Android Q beta users have noticed a new card-like pop up that integrates with the latest Google Contacts update.

The new interface allows users to add or update an existing contact without leaving the app they’re currently in, according to Android Police

The publication mentions that this new feature occurs within WhatsApp, among other apps, where the ‘add’ button will trigger the new functionality. After tapping on ‘add,’ a card will appear and give users the option to create a new contact or update an existing one. If the user wants to create a new contact, the interface will then let the user fill in the contact information, without leaving their current app.

This feature also supports the dark theme, working with the user’s settings, according to AP. 

The publication mentions that this works with version 3.5.7 of the Contacts app. However, it’s a server-side update, which means that it will not hit every user at the same time and Google is still rolling out the feature.

Additionally, AP writer Manuel Vonau mentioned that it worked for them one day, but the following day the feature stopped.

Source: Android Police