Netflix is increasing the audio quality of its video streams


Netflix is introducing a new feature it says will further enhance the audio quality of its shows and movies.

Aptly named ‘high-quality audio,’ the feature is designed to deliver audio “that sounds closer to what creators hear in the studio,” as well as better capture small aural details.

In other words, Netflix is increasing the bitrate at which it streams the audio component of shows and movies. Like with the company’s video streaming codec, sound quality will scale according to what device the user is watching content on, as well as how much bandwidth they have at their disposal.

On TVs that support 5.1 sound, for instance, sound quality will scale from 192kbps to a maximum of 640kbps. Meanwhile, on TVs that support Dolby Atmos, sound quality will scale from 448kbps to 768kbps.

According to Netflix, the genesis of high-quality audio came out of a review of Stranger Things 2 the company conducted with the Duffer brothers, which it details in the video above.

For additional details on high-quality audio, visit the company’s website.

Source: Netflix