Tesla’s Standard Range Model 3s now qualify for Canada’s $5,000 federal rebate

Tesla just found a way to make the Standard Range Plus Model 3 a lot cheaper in Canada

Tesla Model 3 on road

In a surprise twist, Tesla has lowered the price of the Standard Range Model 3 in Canada by $1 CAD so it qualifies for the country’s new $5,000 federal zero-emissions vehicle rebate. 

It’s worth noting that the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is included in the rebate now too since it’s a higher trim version of the Standard Range.

The Standard Range Model 3 now costs $44,999 CAD before incentives. As a result, it sneaks just under the rebate’s cap of $45,000 for six seat vehicles. Before deductions, the Standard Range Plus retails for $55,010.

After the discounts, the vehicles cost $39,999 and $50,010 respectively. If you live in B.C. or Quebec, you’ll get an even bigger rebate since those provinces also offer provincial-level rebates.

The fine print on Tesla’s support page says there is also a $1,300 delivery fee included with every vehicle purchase.

The rebate states higher trim levels can only go up to $55,000. The Standard Range Model 3 is $10 more than this, but both Tesla’s support page and the government’s eligible vehicle spreadsheet include the car.

This is a strategic play to get the Standard Range Plus Model included in the rebate since the base Model 3 only features a 150km range, while the Standard Range Plus has an estimated 386km range. This makes it a more feasible vehicle for using consistently, especially if you don’t live in a major city.

Tesla told the ‘Tesla Owners Club‘ know that people who buy the Standard Model 3 can pay the difference between the vehicle and the Standard Range Plus to get their full range bumped up to 386km.

Further, the EV manufacturer doesn’t sell the Standard Model 3 online. Because of this users can only order the car by calling or visiting a Tesla store. In Canada there are only nine physical Tesla stores.

You can learn more about the $5,000 federal EV rebate here. 

Source: Tesla Via: Tesla Owners Club