You can order Apple’s new Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds in Canada

You can now order the ‘Black’ version of Apple’s second pair of truly wireless headphones, the Powerbeats Pro, in Canada.

The fitness-focused wireless earbuds first leaked April 3rd. Apple quickly officially unveiled the sporty earbuds on its website shortly after.

In Canada, the wireless earbuds retail for $329.99 CAD and are available in four colours: ‘Ivory,’ ‘Moss,’ ‘Navy’ and ‘Black.’ However, as of right now you can only order the Black buds.

The Verge previously reported that the other colours are set to be released at some point during the summer.

Apple’s new Powerbeats Pro function pretty much the same as Apple’s new second-generation AirPods in most respects.

That said, they do feature better battery life, amounting to nine hours per charge. The Powerbeats Pro are also sweat resistant and feature ear loops that lock the earbuds in your ears.

Source: Apple Via: The Verge