Rogers offering $115 10GB promotion for Ultra tab plans

If you get an iPhone XS using Upfront Edge, you can get free AirPods with the deal as well

Rogers is offering 10GB of data on a $115 per month Ultra tab plan — an excellent deal for anyone looking to get an expensive new phone.

To put it in perspective, Rogers’ Ultra tab plans typically start at $125 per month for 1GB of data. Right now, Rogers is offering a bonus 5GB, so you’d get 6GB for $125, but that pales in comparison to 10GB for $115.

Along with 10GB of data, the plan gives you unlimited Canada-wide calling and messaging. Further, the 10GB is shareable if you have a family plan.

Breaking down the deal

To break down the value here, let’s do a quick bit of math (I know, not the most exciting, but bear with me).

With Rogers’ Ultra tab plans, about $35 of your monthly fee goes towards the cost of the phone. For example, if you did a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan with Rogers, you’d pay $90 per month for 1GB + 5GB bonus. If you did the same plan on Ultra tab, you’d pay $125 per month ($125 – $90 is $35).

Let’s say you wanted an iPhone XS 64GB, which costs $1,379 outright. On Ultra tab, you’d pay $459 up front for the phone, and minimum $125 per month (excluding the $115 for 10GB deal for the moment). $35 per month, multiplied by the number of months in the contract (24) is $840 you’d pay for the phone in total. Add in the initial $459 you spend when you sign up for the contract, and you get the iPhone XS for $1,299. In other words, you’d typically save $80 on the phone over buying it outright.

Sign up for Upfront Edge if you get an iPhone XS, and get free AirPods too

Factor in the cheaper $115 plan with 10GB of data, and you save even more. To make the deal even sweeter, if you sign up for Upfront Edge with the iPhone XS — which lets you get a phone for cheaper up front if you give it back at the end of your contract — you can get the $115 10GB plan with free AirPods too ($220 value). It’s worth noting that you can only take advantage of the AirPods deal if you activate in-store.

The value you get out of Ultra tab and the $115 for 10GB deal varies depending on the device you get, so always do the math to see if it makes sense for you.

Further, according to RedFlagDeals, the $115 plan is stackable with corporate discounts as well.

To take advantage of the deal, head over to Rogers’ website or find a store near you.

Source: RedFlagDeals