Leak says OnePlus 7 Pro could cost ₹49,999 — about $971 CAD

That price puts the OnePlus 7 Pro solidly in premium flagship territory

OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple

Several leaks of OnePlus’ next big smartphone, the OnePlus 7 Pro, cropped up already. So far, the price has remained mostly a mystery. However, a recent leak revealed the potential prices of three variants of the phone in India.

According to young Twitter leaker Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24), the OnePlus 7 Pro may cost ₹49,999 Indian Rupees (roughly $971 CAD) for the base 6GB RAM, 128GB storage model.

Further, Agarwal tweeted the 8GB RAM, 256GB storage model would cost ₹52,999 (about $1,028 CAD). The 12GB RAM, 256GB storage OnePlus 7 Pro would cost ₹57,999 (approximately $1,126 CAD).

While Agarwal notes the prices may change before launch, I’d wager these prices are rather accurate. A previous leak from Agarwal pegged the 8GB, 256GB model at €749 euros (about $1,128 CAD). That’s roughly $100 more than the alleged cost of the same model in this leak, well within a margin of error or possibly attributable to fluctuations in dollar, euro and rupee values.

Regardless, it looks like the 7 Pro will come with a higher price than we’re used to for OnePlus devices.

Before you get riled up over the increase, you should keep in mind what OnePlus is allegedly adding to the phone. Rumours so far include a pop-up selfie camera, triple rear cameras, an in-display fingerprint scanner and a 90hz display. Further, the 7 Pro will reportedly have a 6.7-inch 3,120 x 1,440-pixel resolution panel.

That puts the phone, hardware-wise, roughly in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy S10+, which has a 6.4-inch 3040 x 1440 AMOLED panel. Plus, the base model has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. In Canada, this would typically cost you $1,419.99 — almost $400 more than a similarly specced 7 Pro.

Of course, this is all speculation. We’ll have to wait until OnePlus’ May 14th unveiling to learn more about pricing and other details.

Source: Twitter