Canadian dev makes Super Stickman Golf multiplayer in great Golf Blitz [Game of the Week]

Multiplayer golfing mayhem makes for fantastic mobile game

If you’ve ever played the excellent Super Stickman Golf games from Saskatoon-based Noodlecake Studios, its newest game, Golf Blitz, will be right up your alley.

If you haven’t played any Super Stickman Golf games, you should. Especially Golf Blitz, which takes the best parts of Super Stickman Golf and mashes them into a hectic multiplayer experience.

The premise of Golf Blitz is simple: you and up to three other players complete a random course with random power-ups — both taken from the various Super Stickman games. The game makes these decisions based on the content participating players have already unlocked.

Additionally, Noodlecake revamped the control system to make it faster and simpler for players. It’s quite good, and simple to pick up — great for a fast-reaction race mode like Golf Blitz.

Golf Blitz‘s new control scheme works like a virtual joystick. You push the joystick to aim and generate the strength of your shot, then let go to shoot. The game shows a range of where the ball may land based on your shot angle and power.

However, players have access to a variety of power-ups that affect the strength and accuracy of their shot. Knowing when to use these power-ups can be critical in securing the win.

Another fun addition with Golf Blitz is that players’ balls have collision. This makes for fun — and frustrating — moments as balls bounce off each other. There’s nothing worse than bouncing your opponent’s ball into the hole, but it feels great when it’s your ball getting bounced in.

Collectibles, power-ups and cosmetics

Along with the excellent gameplay, Golf Blitz is loaded with customization options. For one, you can level up your golfer, increasing the speed, accuracy or power of their shots, as well as reducing the cool down timer between shots.

Players can also unlock ‘Golfers’ and ‘Hats’ to kit out their golfer with skins and other fancy items. These can be collected through card packs awarded for winning and levelling up. Packs come in four rarities: Classic, Super, Mega and Ultra. Additionally, packs contain Golf Bux and Gems — in-game currencies — Power-Up cards, Golfers and Hats. It’s worth noting that some items require you to collect multiple cards to unlock.

Finally, players can join teams and chat, trade cards, play matches or practice rounds, and more.

Interestingly, Noodlecake says the game’s multiplayer component is server-side, making it impossible to cheat or hack. The studio also plans on supporting the game for a long time, with seasons and competitive multiplayer.

Golf Blitz launched on May 2nd and is available for free on iOS and Android.