Google details how it manages Google News

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Google has detailed objectives and principles regarding how it manages news for its users across different platforms.

A recently published Engadget article states that the new website is a “subsection” of the Google News Initiative, the program Google launched to help combat fake news and support journalists.

The website includes information on how Google already manages its news in terms of the hundreds of signals and algorithms utilized to identify trustworthy information.

Google has said that since Google News arrived in 2002, it does not make any editorial decisions on the articles that are displayed.

It added that it uses three ways to deliver news, the first is articles that are showcased on ‘Top News.’ The second, news that is found under ‘Discover’ for articles that are more tailored and specific, and the third is through a deep dive into stories that are not personalized and from a broad range of sources located within Google News.

Source: Engadget