Consumer advocacy group claims Apple overestimates iPhone battery life

iPhone XR

A recent study conducted by a U.K. advocacy group called ‘Which?’ indicates that Apple overestimates the battery life of several iPhones.

The study revealed that the iPhone XR’s performance had the biggest inconsistency and fell short from Apple’s 25-hour talk time claim.

After testing nine iPhone models, Which? found that all of the smartphones underperformed in regards to battery life, and fell short by between 18 percent and 51 percent depending on what version of iPhone was tested.

Apple responded to the claims in a statement reiterating that the company stands behind the iPhone’s advertised battery life. Further, the tech giant says that it thoroughly tests its products:

“We rigorously test our products and stand behind our battery life claims. With tight integration between hardware and software, iPhone is engineered to intelligently manage power usage to maximize battery life. Our testing methodology reflects that intelligence. Which? haven’t shared their methodology with us so we can’t compare their results to ours. We share our methodology for testing which we publish in detail here.”

Which? stated that it performed the tests by charging the iPhones to full battery and then making continuous calls until the battery died. Apple’s methodology for testing iPhone battery life is available on its website.

The study also found that Samsung, Sony, and Nokia underestimate their battery life claims, while HTC was also found to be overestimating the battery life of its smartphones.

You can find Which?’s full iPhone battery life study here.

Source: Which? Via: 9to5Mac