Demand for smartphones in North America decreasing at record rate

The demand for smartphones is decreasing in North America due to reduced innovation from manufacturers, paired with the fact that everyone has a smartphone that they’re content with at this point.

In the first quarter of 2019, smartphone shipments decreased 18 percent from last year.

This is the sharpest decline ever recorded.

In the first quarter of 2018, 44.4 million smartphones were shipped. This number is a sharp contrast from the 36.4 million that have been shipped in this year’s first quarter.

Although Apple smartphones saw a negative growth of 19 percent, the company still remained the largest contender with 14.6 million smartphones sold.

Samsung took second place with 10.7 million smartphones sold, and is closing in on Apple. The company sold the same amount of S10+ and S10e smartphones as Apple sold iPhone XRs.

LG faced the largest decrease and lost 24 percent of its sales.

Lenovo sold 2.4 million devices in this year’s quarter. This number is a 42 percent increase from the 1.7 million sold from last year.

These numbers do not take into consideration the fact that smartphone prices are increasing, which means that fewer number of sales does not necessarily mean less revenue.

The statistics come from a report filed by Canalys.

Source: Canalys Via: Android Police