Protect your mobile devices safely and simply for $60 with SaferVPN

The tech savvy among us know that we should use a VPN service by now. There are hundreds of threats on the internet, and accessing unsecured Wi-Fi without a VPN allows hackers and identity thieves to steal your personal info. But what about those of us who barely know how to use our phones, let alone how to avoid hackers? SaferVPN is an easy-to-use VPN that anyone can use, and it’s on sale for $60.53.

SaferVPN uses bank-grade 256-bit encryption to protect your personal info while sending your outbound traffic to one of over 700 servers in over 30 countries worldwide. What makes SaferVPN so special is how easy it is to use; its intuitive desktop and mobile apps allow you to protect your devices with a single click. Additionally, the mobile app will automatically activate an encrypted VPN channel when you connect to an unsecured network, even if your phone is locked. This level of ease and security makes SaferVPN perfect for your grandparents, kids, or anyone who doesn’t know how to set up a VPN themselves.

A VPN is a huge necessity, so using one should be easy and streamlined. You can protect your devices with SaferVPN for just $50.53 CAD [$44.99 USD], or 94% off.

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SaferVPN: Lifetime Subscription – $44.99

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