Lenovo reveals the world’s first foldable PC

An announcement at the Lenovo Accelerate conference has revealed that the company has delved into the world of foldable laptops. 

The device will be a laptop replacement rather than a supplemental device, as reported by Wired. The product has not yet been named.

The foldable laptop has a 13.3-inch diagonal display, and a 9.6-inch display when it is folded. It features a torque hinge.

Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the foldable laptop has a polymer screen with an OLED display.

What’s different about a foldable laptop, in comparison to a foldable phone, is that laptop users require a suitable keyboard. Although the default keyboard of the laptop is on the touchscreen, users can use the laptop as a clamshell laptop or as a large tablet. The laptop can also be used when slightly folded like a book.

The foldable laptop is designed for productivity and is targeted towards business users. It will run Windows and will be powered by an Intel processor.

Lenovo has been working on the laptop for more than three years, and hopes to uphold the same level of quality as the previous line of laptops.

A price or ship date has not yet been released, but Lenovo aims to release the laptop in the first half of 2020.

Image credit: YouTube (Screenshot)

Source: Wired