Google adds auto-download new episodes feature to its Podcasts app

Google is finally adding a much-needed feature to its Podcasts app, the ability to auto-download new episodes. Users can now set their preferences so that the app will automatically download new episodes.

Users who have this feature can disable auto-download, or set it so that it only downloads either over Wi-Fi or using data. There will also be the ability to choose which podcasts download automatically.

Google Podcasts auto download update

Android Police who reported about the update, notes that there is no way to set a schedule for when app auto downloads, specifically when a user is charing their phone. That means that it can download whenever it wants.

Reportedly, this is a server-side update and only some users currently have it. To find out, check out the settings menu within the Google Podcasts app.

Google launched the Podcasts app almost a full year ago.

Source: Android Police