APK teardown suggests Google Keep will get dark theme, Incognito mode soon

Google Keep

An APK breakdown of Google Keep’s latest update, version 5.19.191, features more information about ‘Dark Mode’ as well as an ‘Incognito mode.’

Back in March, 9to5Google discovered a string of code within Google Keep’s Android APK that related to ‘Dark theme.’ This latest update reveals a new promotional message that explains how dark theme on Keep is useful, going into how the dark mode is suitable for dimly lit environments and how it can save battery life, according to 9to5.

After seeing the promo, users can choose to turn on dark theme or can go into the settings at a later time to turn it on. 9to5 says that it’s possible for an upcoming server-side update to bring along the dark theme.

The update also suggests that there will be a toggle to turn on ‘Incognito mode’ so that your notes don’t save on the cloud, but will save to your device instead.

If Google decides to push this update as a server-side rollout, it will take some time to reach every device.

You can download Google Keep on the Play Store. 

Source: 9to5Google