Uber now allows passengers in the United States to request a ‘silent ride’ [Update]

Uber has just released a new app feature called Quiet Mode, which allows passengers to request a silent driver.

This new feature caters to Uber customers who prefer to have a quieter ride. The feature is available to passengers riding in an Uber Black or Uber Black SUV.

At the same time, passengers who are up for a conversation can notify their driver through the app that they would like to chat during the ride.

In addition to these options, the app has released more new features.

Passengers can now request some help with their bags. They can also choose their preferred temperature, or request a longer pickup time so that they have more time to get ready.

As of now, these features are only available to customers in the United States.

Source: Uber 

Update 15/05/19: Uber Canada has confirmed that it’s working to bring the feature to Toronto in the coming months.