Activision reveals new Call of Duty: Mobile modes, maps and characters

The game will feature lots of content from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops franchises

Call of Duty: Mobile combat

Activision has unveiled more game modes, maps and characters that will be featured in its upcoming free-to-play Android and iOS game Call of Duty: Mobile.

To start, the company has detailed five game modes:

  • Free-For-All — Every-player-for-themselves deathmatch (supports up to eight players)
  • Frontline — Spawn at a team base and defeat opposing players on the opposing team (supports up to 10 players)
  • Team Deathmatch — Defeat players on the opposing team (supports up to 10 players)
  • Hardpoint — Capture and hold the hardpoint to earn points (supports up to 10 players)
  • Domination — Capture and hold the designated positions to gain points (supports up to 10 players)

Activision says there will be other game modes, but these are the only five it is revealing for now.

In terms of maps, the game will feature:

  • Crossfire — a small desert town (debuted in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
  • Standoff — a border town between China and Kyrgyzstan (debuted in Call of Duty Black Ops II, was renamed “Outlaw” in Black Ops III)
  • Crash — Desert town with crashed Sea Knight chopper (debuted in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
  • Killhouse — speedball-style warehouse interior (debuted in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
  • Firing Range — military practice facility (debuted in Call of Duty Black Ops, most recently seen in Black Ops 4)

Meanwhile, six classic Call of Duty characters have been confirmed:

  • Alex Mason — CIA operative from the Black Ops franchise
  • David “Section” Mason — Alex’s son and SEAL Team member from Black Ops II
  • Thomas A. Merrick — Commander of the Ghosts from Ghosts
  • Simon “Ghost” Riley — balaclava-wearing British special forces lieutenant from Modern Warfare 2
  • John “Soap” MacTavish — British special forces demolitions and sniping expert from the Modern Warfare franchise
  • John Price — special forces captain with the Bravo Six alias from the Modern Warfare franchise.

Outside of this content, Activision detailed miscellaneous Call of Duty: Mobile content, including:

  • Players can have five loadout slots, each containing a primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade, weapon skill and three Perks
  • Choose between two control schemes — a ‘Simple Mode’ (allows automatic fire when the crosshair focuses on an enemy) or ‘Advanced Mode’ (manual firing, HUD customizations and the ability to choose set specific shooting options like aim down sight or hip firing, depending on the gun)
  • There are 17 sliders of aiming sensitivity for further customization
  • Scorestreaks are featured to offer rewards based on the amount of score a player earns in a single life in most cases (such as the Recon Car, UAV, Hunter Killer Drone, Air Supply Drop or Air Strike)

Finally, Activision says beta testing of the game is underway in India and will open up to other countries “in the coming months.”

In the meantime, Android users can pre-register for Call of Duty: Mobile on the Google Play Store.

Source: Activision