Manage all of your errands in one app for $27 with 2Do

If you have a million errands and events to attend to, you’re bound to miss or even forget one of them. That’s why you need a to-do list to keep track of all of your responsibilities. But before you whip out your pen and paper, why not use an app that makes sorting through your tasks easy? Today we’ll be looking at 2Do, which gives you unprecedented control over your to-do lists for just $26.94 CAD.

2Do Task Manager is a productivity app for MacOS that allows you to jot down multiple tasks within seconds with its Quick Entry feature. Once scheduled, you can categorize your tasks with sort, focus, tag, location, and date range. You can even sort through tasks with color-coded lists and list groups so that you can keep track of related tasks together. Worried about forgetting an errand? 2Do will send you automatic alerts if there’s a task that you can complete nearby, so you’ll never come home realizing you had forgotten something.

The most efficient way to tackle millions of projects and errands is by getting organized. 2Do makes organization easy for just $26.94 CAD [$19.99 USD], or 60% off.

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2Do Task Manager – $19.99

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