Toronto-developed ‘Farm Punks’ is a launcher game with a twist [Game of the Week]

Farm Punks, developed by Sleeping Giant, is an intuitive launcher game that gives you your own virtual farm — but with a catch.

Your farm makes money by shooting cute fruit out of canons placed on top of mountains. The goal: sell your fruit before it expires.

All it takes is a simple swipe to roll your fruit once it gets launched from the canon. Farm Punks lets gamers soar though mountain villages, and navigate narrow valleys.

You can build your mountaintop farm by planting more trees that will give you more fruit to play with. There are 30 different trees and more than 80 different fruits to unlock.

The game is filled with adorable designs of different fruits, with a special take on each one. The designers got a little quirky with the mcintosh apple, which is redesigned to look like a Macintosh computer.

Each roll comes with challenges that you can complete to sell your fruit for more money. You get more points rolling off of the mounts that come in your way and by doing tricks. The more distance you cover, the more money and points you get.

Once you sell your fruit and get money, you can use it to buy more trees and get more vehicles. On your hilltop farm, you have a garage with ‘gliders’ and ‘grounders.’

These vehicles are used when you roll to make you go faster and travel longer distances. The grounders include a wagon, unicycle, tractor, trike and muscle car. The gliders include a parasol, hang glider, crop duster, helicopter, and UFO.

The best part, your fruit farm comes with a pet dog named Bork, who brings you money each time you log back into the game.

This game took me back to my Temple Run days where I was always trying to get further with each run. However, Farm Punks has a better pay-off because every time you get a new tree, you start wondering what the next one will bring.

Farm Punks will be released worldwide on Android and iOS on June 2nd.