New Pokémon games announced for mobile and Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Masters mobile game

The Pokémon Company has confirmed several new entries in the popular Pokémon franchise are coming to both mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch.

At the beginning of a Tokyo press conference, the company revealed that a sequel to Detective Pikachu — the Nintendo 3DS exclusive that served as the inspiration for this month’s movie of the same name — is coming to the Switch. No other details were revealed, however.

Next up, The Pokémon Company revealed a cloud-based service called Pokémon Home that lets players share Pokémon between Android, iOS and the Nintendo Switch.

Home isn’t tied to a specific platform, meaning that players will be able to connect it to their Pokémon Bank subscription storage service, Pokémon Go, Pokémon: Let’s Go and the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield. Specific pricing wasn’t confirmed, although the service is slated to release in early 2020.

Following that, the company announced a new mobile app called Pokémon Sleep. As the name suggests, the app tracks the user’s sleep habits and brings “a gameplay experience unlike any other,” according to The Pokémon Company. Exactly what this means remains unclear.

That said, The Pokémon Company did reveal the Pokémon GO Plus +, a new accessory that works alongside Sleep. According to the company, players can use it during the day while walking and put it next to their pillows at night to track their time sleeping.

The device will then send sleep information to their smartphones via Bluetooth. The Pokémon Company says it worked with Nintendo and Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs to create the device. Release timing and pricing were not disclosed.

Finally, The Pokémon Company announced a mysterious mobile game called Pokémon Masters. Little was revealed about the title beyond the fact that it will let players “battle alongside [their] favorite Pokémon Trainers from the main series RPGs.”

In a short gameplay tease, several iconic trainers can be seen, including Red, Misty and Cynthia. Combat appears to feature three-on-three Pokémon battles.

Masters will release later this year on Android and iOS. The Pokémon Company says more information will come in June.