‘Trint’ automatically transcribes your calls, interviews and meetings [App of the Week]

Trint is an automated transcribing app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe live audio, previously recorded files and calls.

This app is incredibly useful for people who are constantly doing interviews, attending meetings, or for those who just need an extra tool to help them remember the important things.

You can use the in-app recorder to record live audio, or you can upload previously recorded audio into the app. It takes around 10 minutes depending on the length of your audio for you to receive your transcription.

Like any other automated transcription service, this one isn’t foolproof. But, what’s cool about this app is that you can search for keywords, click on them, and listen for the part you’re looking for.

You can then edit the transcription accordingly.

The coolest feature included in the app is its ability to record and transcribe a phone call. The app will also prompt you to make sure that you tell the other person on the line that they’re being recorded.

Something else I found useful about this app is that when you’re doing a live recording, you can drop a marker in the audio to note an important part. This is helpful for when you hear something important that you know you’re going to have to refer to later.

If you need to share your transcription with your co-workers, you can send them the full transcription, or a ‘read-only’ version. The app will also track any changes that other users make.

Trint was created by journalists, but the company says it can be beneficial for people in a number of different fields including marketing, media, academia, research, healthcare and law.

I think this app is especially useful for students and journalists, whether you’re recording and transcribing an interview or a lecture, it can help save a lot of time.

You can download the app for free and get 30 minutes of transcription for free. Once your trial ends, you’re able to choose between three subscription plans.

You can pay as you go, which $15 USD/ per hour (approximately $20 CAD). There is a basic monthly subscription that gives you three hours of transcription for $40 USD (approximately $54 CAD). The ‘super-charged’ monthly subscription gives you 10 hours of transcription for $120 USD (approximately $162 CAD).

Trint is currently available on the iOS App Store.