Transfer music, contacts, and more to your new iPhone for $27 with iMazing 2

Picture this. You finally upgraded your slow, clunky iPhone to one of Apple’s latest models and you can’t wait to reap the benefits of the new features. However, you still have to go through the arduous process of backing up your old data and loading it to your new phone. iCloud isn’t the best option because you’re only given 5GB of data free, and you’re charged a monthly fee for additional storage. You can easily migrate your files with iMazing 2, which is currently 77% off.

iMazing 2 is a file management app for Mac and Windows that lets you transfer data from an old iOS device to a new one. This means you can entire system backups or pick and choose folders such as music, phone contacts, text conversations, and more. iMazing 2 works for all iOS devices, so if you have media from your iPhone that you’d like on your iPad or iPod, you can transfer it easily, or vice versa. Best of all, iMazing 2 can transfer files wirelessly, so you don’t need to endlessly struggle with cables just to transfer a single family portrait.

A brand new phone calls for a new way to backup and transfer files. You can grab iMazing 2 for just $27 CAD [$19.99 USD], or 77% off.

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iMazing 2: Universal License for Mac & Windows – $19.99

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