Learn how to create apps, games, and more in JavaScript with this $42 bundle

Do you want to know why your favorite websites run so smoothly? It’s because each website is painstakingly polished by a team of JavaScript developers. If you’re interested in building websites like these, you’ll need to learn JavaScript first, and this $41.89 bundle is the perfect place to start if you have no coding experience.

The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle features 8 courses for developers to learn the fundamentals behind JavaScript. If you’re a total newbie, the best course to start with is Complete Introduction to JavaScript, which will introduce you to concepts such as DOM and interactive and dynamic web applications. It even includes 50 hands-on projects to hone your skills. After completing this course, the bundle offers intermediate practice courses on how to use objects and how to create apps, games, and more.

JavaScript is the language that powers the internet, and you’ll need to master it if you want to create attractive interactive websites. You can learn how with the Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle, which is currently on sale for $41.89 CAD [$31.01 USD] or 97% off.

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The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle – $31.01

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