Buffered VPN delivers private browsing without sacrificing bandwidth

A VPN is a necessity whenever you browse the web because it’ll keep your private info safe from hackers, identity thieves, and even government agencies. However, one of the main complaints about VPNs is bandwidth throttling, and many people would rather risk browsing unprotected than deal with slow browsing speeds. With Buffered VPN, you can have the best of both worlds for $53.68 CAD.

Buffered VPN works like most VPN services; it uses 256-bit Blowfish encryption to protect your private data while browsing online and sends your traffic to one of 45 servers around the world. This allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and access restricted websites and streaming services anywhere in the world. Buffered VPN’s most notable feature is its unlimited bandwidth and zero download restriction policy, allowing you to browse the web to your heart’s content without (you guessed it) waiting for your favorite websites to buffer. This makes Buffered ideal for online gaming, torrents, and anything that consumes a lot of your bandwidth.

If using a VPN restricts your speed, why use a VPN at all? Luckily, Buffered VPN gives you all the benefits of a VPN without restricting your bandwidth, and you can sign up for a year for $53.68 CAD [$39.99 USD] or 2 years for $67.10 [$49.99 USD].

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Buffered VPN Subscriptions – $39.99

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