‘Yummly’ helps you make dinner even if you’re a terrible cook [App of the Week]

‘Yummly’ is a recipe and shopping list app that is suited for cooks of any experience level, and aims to offer a personalized experience by catering to different needs and providing guidance at every step.

Yummly starts by asking what you your level of cooking experience. As someone who is a terrible cook, this feature was helpful for me because after I selected ‘beginner,’ the app didn’t recommend any difficult recipes.

From there, you can select your dietary restrictions such as allergies, preferences, and diets.

It also asks you what foods you don’t like and never want to see in a recipe. As a devoted pea-hater, I loved this feature. This feature also takes this app beyond other recipe apps by catering to your preferences outside of dietary restrictions.

You then select your favourite cuisines from a number of options, including American, Italian, Greek, and Indian. This way you will only see personalized recipes.

My favourite part of the app is that you can get recipes based on the ingredients are currently in your fridge. You just have to enter the ingredients that you currently have, and you will then receive recipes recommendations that you can actually make right away.

This is helpful because often times when you find a recipe you like, you don’t have all of the ingredients. This feature eliminates that frustration.

When you do find a recipe that you like but don’t have all of the ingredients, you can save the recipe to your ‘shopping list.’ The recipe transfers all of the ingredients you don’t have to the shopping list.

Another cool feature is the ‘scan’ button, which lets users scan the ingredients they have with their phone camera. This way, they won’t have to manually enter all of the ingredients they currently have.

Yummly also works alongside the ‘Apple Health App’ in on iOS devices to help users track the nutrition and servings of what they eat. The app is also compatible with watchOS.

This app can be beneficial for all kinds of cooks, whether you’re just starting our your cooking journey or an experienced cook looking for new recipes.

Download Yummly for free in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.