Tesla adds ‘Arcade’ app to its vehicles for video games

Tesla is committing to games in its cars

Sitting and waiting for your Telsa to charge just got more fun now that Tesla is beginning to add real modern games to its vehicles.

In the latest Tesla update, the manufacturer has added an ‘Arcade’ button to its dashboard display.

When you click on it, you get access to a variety of games. Most of them are the older Atari ports the company added last year, plus the new addition of Beach Buggy Racing.

Beach Buggy Racing is a mobile game on iOS and Android that’s been ported over to Tesla’s new Arcade. The interesting thing is when you play it in a Tesla, you can control the game with your vehicle’s steering wheel.

Electrek is also reporting that you can play with on-screen controls or a connected game controller.

Another cool addition is that you can play the racing game with a Tesla that’s the same colour as the one you’re sitting in.

Now that Tesla has added an Arcade section, it will likely continue to add more games to its cars.

The Canadian-made Cuphead is coming to the vehicles sometime this summer.

Source: Electrek