Telus offers $30 off select internet packages to students in Alberta, B.C.

Also, if you add its Pik TV service, you can get a free month of live TV

Telus sign

While many students likely aren’t ready to start thinking about school again, Telus is offering an excellent back-to-school deal on internet services.

For students in Alberta and British Columbia, Telus is offering $30 off of internet plans with speeds up to 750Mbps with a no term contract. The regular price applies after 12 months.

Plans start at $50 per month, which will get you 25Mbps download and upload, along with 300GB of monthly data. Plans work their way up from there, maxing out at $100 per month for 750Mbps up and down and 1TB of monthly data on a no-term contract, or unlimited usage if your sign up for a two-year term.

Additionally, if you add Telus’ Pik TV service, you get a month of live TV for free.

All the plans are on Telus’ PureFibre network. Availability may change depending on your location.

To sign up, head to Telus’ website. You’ll need a valid student ID to qualify. You can also check out all the plan options Telus has available on the site, but you’ll need to enter your address to see what’s available in your area.