Android Q Beta 5 to bring new Assistant animation and gesture

Additionally, the next beta's gestures are "much closer to iOS"

Android Q Beta gesture navigation

It appears more Pixel users have gotten an early copy of the next Android Q Beta, and have posted a video showing off a new gesture and animation for activating Google Assistant.

In a recent Reddit post, a Pixel user shared photos and videos of a supposed Android Q Beta 5 build acquired through a carrier testing program.

While the Redditor didn’t include any pictures showing the build number, some images show off the new back gesture sensitivity slider that leaked last week. Additionally, the Redditor mentions that this build includes improved gestures that are “much closer to iOS than the previous Beta.”

However, along with the improved gestures, this build contains an entirely new gesture for Google Assistant. To start, when using the new gesture navigation system, Android highlights the bottom left and right corners of the display to let users know they can swipe from these corners. Swiping from the corners launches Google Assistant.

Further, Assistant features a fancy new launch animation. When you swipe from the corner, the signature Google colours appear in both corners and trace along the edge of the screen. They meet along the bottom edge of the display and open into Assistant.

The new gesture and animation look quite smooth and fluid overall. I’d image the new animation would work well with the Active Edge squeeze feature in the Pixel 2 and 3 series of devices. It’d also make an excellent match with the rumoured transparent Assistant design that turned up in May.

On top of the new animation, the Redditor noted that it appears Google tweaked the location of the ‘rotate screen’ button, so it no longer covers the navigation bar.

You can keep an eye on the Reddit thread here for more discoveries. Likely, we can expect the next Q beta in the coming days.

Source: Reddit Via: 9to5Google, XDA Developers