Samsung Galaxy S10 series receives June security patch, dedicated Night Mode


According to Rogers’ ‘OS Upgrade Schedule,’ the carrier will push Android’s June security patch to Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e devices on its network starting today.

While Telus’ ‘Software Update Schedule‘ suggests that the trio of devices will only receive ‘bug fixes,’ I can confirm on Telus’ network the devices are receiving the full June security patch.

The patch notes include:

  1. Device stability improvements, bug fixes
  2. New and/or enhanced features
  3. Further improvements to performance.

The update also seems to include a dedicated ‘Night Mode’ for S10’s camera app. Previously, users couldn’t manually enable Night Mode on the S10. The phone did it automatically via its built-in scene optimizer. Now, however, there’s a dedicated option dubbed ‘Night Mode’ for users to turn on.

When using the Night Mode, the S10 cautions the user to hold the phone steady. And it appears to allow the user to control how bright they’d like the photo to appear. Night Mode works with both telephoto and wide-angle camera. I can’t currently confirm if it also works with the S10 and S10+’s ultra wide-angle camera.

Dedicated Night Mode arrived on the international version of the S10 a few months ago.

The security has a 594.79MB patch size, for the S10e and 602.02MB for the S10+.