Dr. Mario World launches on iOS and Android in Canada one day early

Dr. Mario World iOS

Dr. Mario World, Nintendo’s latest mobile game effort, has launched on iOS and Android in Canada.

This is one day earlier than the previously announced release date of July 10th.

Dr. Mario World is a successor of sorts to classic 1990 NES action-puzzler Dr. Mario, although the mobile iteration is rather different overall.

While the original game was all about Tetris-style endless falling block puzzles, Dr. Mario World takes more of a cue from Candy Crush and features stage-by-stage, ‘Match 3’ gameplay.

Further, Dr. Mario World is free-to-play with timers that limit how much you can play, unless you extend your time by making in-app purchases. The game also features real-time matches against other players online.

It’s worth noting that Nintendo also plans to launch another mobile game this summer, Mario Kart Tour, although a specific release date has yet to be revealed.

Via: Wario64