Facebook to release new apps soon through its new development team

Facebook app on Android

Facebook announced that it created a new team called ‘New Product Experimentation,’ which will produce and launch a number of apps in the next few weeks.

The social media giant says the new apps will range from business tools to games, and that they will provide users with “entirely new experiences for building community.”

The new team will focus on experimenting with new apps, and will also allow developers to make quick changes to the apps and potentially shut them down if they’re not performing as expected.

“We believe building without fear of failure is the only way to achieve success,” the company says on its team website.

This news outlines Facebook’s attempt at developing features aside from its social platform. The company has purchased WhatsApp and Instagram, but has been unable to create its own popular apps.

Facebook said that some of the apps will be free, while others could have in-app purchases. The apps are estimated to launch in the next couple of weeks on the iOS App Store, Google Play store and on the web.

Source: Facebook Via: CNET