Google Assistant can now recommend info to message your friends

Android Messages

The latest Messages app update brings new Google Assistant features to the platform. Messages version 4.6.374 comes with a new functionality that now provides recommendations to ask Google Assistant about movies, restaurants and the weather.

After the update, tap on the ‘+’ sign and scroll down to find a row with the Google Assistant logo.

Beside the logo, there are options for ‘Restaurants,’ ‘Films,’ and ‘Weather.’

After tapping on ‘Films,’ it’ll show movies currently in theatres and if you tap one of the options, it’ll showcase the showings for the movie at the closest theatres. And the user can choose to send that to whoever their texting.

If the user taps on the ‘Restaurants’ option, it’ll show the closest restaurants that you can send to who you’re texting and the same goes with the ‘Weather’ option.

Oddly enough this update didn’t coincide with Messages’ new public beta. In fact, I currently have the beta on my device and it doesn’t have the new update, but another MobileSyrup staff writer who doesn’t have the beta now has the feature on their device.