Public safety committee to meet next week regarding Desjardins data breach

Members of Parliament who are part of the public safety committee announced that they will have an emergency meeting to address the Desjardins data breach that occurred last month, as reported by Global News.

Last month, Desjardins confirmed that an employee leaked the personal data of more than 2.9 million of its members to people outside of the organization.

The information that was leaked included names, addresses, social insurance numbers, birth dates, email addresses and information about users’ transaction habits.

Desjardins said it fired the employee, and the company is currently facing two class-action lawsuits.

Members of the public safety committee include Liberal MP John McKay, Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Has, and NDP MP Matthew Dubé.

McKay confirmed to CBC News that although a date has not been set for the meeting, it will happen “soon.” He also stated that it would be beneficial for Desjardins to voluntarily appear at the meeting, as opposed to having the committee file a subpoena.

“I think it would be definitely in Desjardins’ interests to try to get ahead of this issue and volunteer their presence on the committee,” he said while on CBC News.

McKay said it is realistic to assume that the meeting will take place sometime next week.

Source: Global News, CBC News