Just in time for Wimbledon, Google hides 8-bit tennis game inside of Search

Never a company to shy away from a bit of fun, Google has hidden a fun little Easter egg inside of its Wimbledon score cards.

To access the easter egg, which, fittingly, takes the form of an 8-bit tennis game, search for  “Wimbledon” on Google; then swipe across the bottom of the purple interface element until you move past the “mixed doubles” header and see a pixelated tennis ball; finally, tap on the icon to launch the game.

The game itself is a simple affair: the goal is to move your character in position to return the ball. To do so, tap to the left or right of your character to move them in that direction.

Initially, the game starts off at a leisurely pace. However, things quickly get more exciting as a rally continues, with the ball moving faster and faster.

Google frequently adds mini-games inside of its services. This past April Fools’ Day, the company hid Snake inside of Google Maps.