Amazon is reportedly working on an Alexa-powered Echo with wheels


Amazon is working on an Echo smart home product with wheels, reports Bloomberg.

The Alexa-powered smart robot reportedly goes by the codename ‘Vesta,’ which is also the name of the Roman goddess for hearth and home.

Currently, the device is not ready for the masses. Bloomberg reports that people familiar with the prototype says it’s waist-high and navigates around the house with an array of computer-vision cameras. In an internal demo of the product, an engineer reportedly called the robot with his voice.

Alongside this robotic Alexa device, Amazon is also working on a cylindrical speaker that’s wider than current Echo devices. This smart home product features four tweeters, which are a special type of loudspeakers, and could launch by next year.

As always, it’s possible these prototypes may never come to fruition.

Amazon’s Lab126 are developing both devices. Amazon Lab126 is a R&D arm of the e-commerce company.

Source: Bloomberg