Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumoured to feature built-in infrared sensor [Update]

Renders of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 have also appeared

Note 10 event

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumours are in full swing.

The reliable Evan Blass @evleaks has tweeted out an image of the top of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Without seeing the rear of the phone or knowing its size, it’s difficult to say whether this is an image of the Note 10 or the Note 10+.

The top of the phone features a couple of sensors but it’s unclear exactly what they are.

On the furthest to the right side of the phone there seems to be a SIM card tray. To the left of the tray, there appears to be an infrared sensor. Blass hasn’t said much about the tweet, but many people responding to his post believe that this sensor is an IR blaster.

To the left of the infrared sensor there appears to be a microphone.

It’s quite difficult to make out exactly what these sensors are and this is all purely speculation. However, if the phone does feature an infrared sensor, you’ll be able to use it to control your TV set without having to search for the remote.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 series will launch on August 7th.

Blass also shared a promotional render of the Galaxy Watch 2, the successor to the original Galaxy Watch. It’s likely Samsung has plans to reveal the new smartwatch alongside the Note 10.

Update 07/12/2019 6:09pm ET: Shortly after his initial tweet, Blass also shared an image of what looks like the Galaxy Watch 2. The image has been added to this story.

Source: Evan Blass