New Google ‘Brief your Assistant’ feature found in latest Android Q beta code

The feature looks to help Assistant know what you need before you ask

A new feature called ‘Brief Your Assistant’ has been uncovered in Google’s Android Q beta 5.

The feature allows users to better tailor Google Assistant to their specific wants and needs.

Brief Your Assistant does this by asking what sections of your life you’d like the digital assistant to help you with. In the latest update, the feature has been built out a bit more with specific sections like entertainment, navigation and communication, according to 9to5Google.

It’s unclear if these topics will be offered to users as a one-time setting, or if they’ll be buttons within the Assistant app that give quick suggestions.

9to5Google also notes that Google removed the laptop icon from the Assistant app’s code, but it seems like the Assistant is still working on Chromebooks that support it like the Pixelbook.

Source: 9to5Google