Tody is a cleaning app that doesn’t let you slack off [App of the Week]

It also helps keep you organized and on track

Tody is a task app with a focus on cleaning your house.

Instead of adding cleaning tasks and due dates to a notes app like Google Keep or a habit planning app like Habitica, you only add cleaning tasks to Tody and the app does the rest.

When you first open up Tody, it briefly explains what it does and why you would want to add it to your life.

After this, the app drops you into the ‘Areas’ hub, which is the app’s main screen. Your areas are each room or location in your house, like bedrooms, bathrooms, outside, your garage and more.

The app tracks your cleaning progress on a room-by-room basis so it’s straightforward to see what rooms need attention and what ones are already tidy with a progress bar.

The progress bar is one of the core components of the app. It’s broken into three sections. The first section builds up as the due date for the task gets near. The midsection is when you should clean the item and the final third is when the item is overdue.

When you tap into a room, it’s broken down into tasks like clean the microwave, sweep the floor, change tea towels and so on. Each of these items also has the app’s signature progress bar.

Diving deeper into an item gives you a more detailed status report. This includes a graph showing how consistent you’ve been at doing that specific task, the ability to mark it as done, a section for some notes and the ability to edit the frequency you want to clean the item.

From a design standpoint, Tody is a minimal affair: each section has a neat little drawing to show what type of room it is and its own colour.

Going back to the main areas screen, you’ll notice a checklist/bullet list icon at the bottom of the screen. The checklist side is for areas, but if you touch the bullet list it opens a ‘To-Do’ panel.

The To-Do panel quickly shows you the tasks and items that you need to clean today.

In the app’s Settings pane, there are a few other notable options. You can turn on notifications so the app can remind you to clean things, add multiple users and fiddle with cloud syncing and a premium subscription which costs $6 per year on Android

Premium gives you the option to tell the app you’re on vacation and something called ‘Effort’ that lets you assign difficulty tiers to each task. It also unlocks cloud-syncing, which gives you the ability to use the app with people you share your cleaning responsibilities.

You make multiple users in the app and then when you turn on cloud sync and sign into the app on another phone you can sign in as your user profile and you’ll be able to chip away at the cleaning alongside the primary account holder.

Tody is free for Android, but Premium costs $6. On iOS, the app is $10 with no in-app purchases.