Koodo offering users a 10GB for $14 add-on

Koodo is sending some users a fire deal

A user on Red Flag Deals has posted a targeted offer from Koodo that offers a 10GB data add-on for $14 or 4GB of data for $10.

These are just add-ons to your current plan, so you can’t just pay only $14 per month for 10GB, but it’s still a pretty wild offer.

The exact wording of the offer is:

“Hey, give your phone the gift of data.
Get an additional 4GB of data for $10/month, or get 10GB of data for $14/month.
Reply ADD to get our 4GB deal or reply DATA to get our 10GB deal.
Promo is available only on select rate plans.
Offer ends August 2, 2019. You’re included on the list for Koodo offers and deals.”

The user says you need to be on the Koodo list for Offers and Deals. According to a forums post, there is no way to add yourself to the list.

This deal ends on August 2nd. This isn’t the first time Koodo has offered a deal like this. In August of last year the company offered a very similar promo, but it was priced at $15.

Source: Red Flag Deals