Plex updates Apple TV app with HDR support, iOS with Face and Touch ID

This should help HDR files play without issues

Plex just announced a major feature upgrades for its apps on Apple TV and iOS.

On Apple TV, Plex version 2.4 now supports native high-dynamic range (HDR) playback alongside its HDR to SDR tone-mapping capability. With the latest build, Plex Pass subscribers get early access to the Advanced settings menu where they can then adjust the app’s ‘Display Type’ to HDR.

With that, the Plex player can stream HDR video files in their full glory without suffering from compatibility symptoms like weird visual artifacts or washed out colours, provided that the connected display is HDR compliant.

Moving onto the mobile side, Plex for iOS version 5.17 allows users to leverage Face ID or Touch ID as an access pin.

Plex is a popular software platform that allows users to set up private video and music streaming home servers. With Plex Pass, users can even invite their friends and relatives to view their libraries through browsers and a variety of apps.

While writing this article, Plex pushed out a hot fix for an issue in version 5.17 that caused the app to crash if you changed volume while casting to a Chromecast. The most recent version is now 5.17.1.

Below are the full changelogs for Plex on Apple TV and iOS:

Plex on Apple TV:

  • NEW:
  • Home screen edit options are now accessible from the sidebar.
  • Initial support for HDR playback with the new enhanced video player.
  • FIXED:
  • Continue Watching items now correctly show the show art instead of the video thumbnail.
  • Continue Watching would sometimes not correctly show the Show title for TV episodes.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur shortly after startup.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the sidebar to close itself on future versions of tvOS.
  • Opening content from the home screen shelf no longer leaves the sidebar open.
  • Show artist names on album preplay screen for compilation albums.
  • The app now seeks correctly in response to Siri remote voice commands when using the enhanced video player.
  • The correct item would sometimes not be focused when returning to a Collection screen.

Plex on iOS:

  • NEW:
  • Face ID / Touch ID can be enabled to login to PIN protected users.
  • FIXED:
  • Buffering alerts could be shown incorrectly when playing synced content.
  • Correctly show how much of a music track is buffered.
  • Fixed an issue where password autofill would only fill out the username field.
  • Fixed an issue where the user image was positioned incorrect after accessing account settings.
  • Fixed issues creating or modifying playlists when using multiple item selection, and improved default playlist titles.
  • It wasn’t possible to restore your default homescreen after removing all content.

Source: Plex, (2)

Via: 9to5Mac