Samsung Galaxy Tab S6’s design and colours leak: rumour

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 isn’t the only product from the South Korean company that’s making the internet rounds. Android Headlines has leaked the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6‘s design and colours.

Starting with the name change, Samsung will reportedly call the successor to the Galaxy Tab S4 the Galaxy Tab S6. It’s unclear why, but Samsung will reportedly ditch the Galaxy Tab S5 branding.

The tablet will have a groove on its back for the S Pen to attach magnetically, allowing the stylus to charge wirelessly.

This tablet will reportedly feature dual rear cameras. AH confirms this, but says it’s unclear on exact specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 will reportedly not include a headphone port.

Additionally, the tablet sports a metal build, with four speakers, two on the top and another two on the bottom flanking the USB C port.

The Tab S6 doesn’t include a capacitive fingerprint sensor, suggesting that it might include an in-display fingerprint scanner, or use facial recognition. An iris scanner does not seem like a possibility due to the lack of scanners on the device.

AH says the tablet will come in blue, grey and pink/rose gold.

Further, it seems that Samsung will launch an LTE and Wi-Fi only version. The tablet will also have an option for an attachable keyboard and features POGO connectors, to attach it.

Samsung will reportedly launch the Galaxy Tab S6 alongside the Note 10 on August 7th. 

Source: Android Headlines