Vancouver-made Luigi’s Mansion 3 launches on Nintendo Switch on Halloween

Luigi will have to face his fears once again to save Mario and friends

Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo has announced that Switch exclusive Luigi’s Mansion 3 will launch on October 31st.

Given that the action-adventure game’s focuses on Luigi conquering his fears and capturing ghosts in a spooky hotel, the Halloween launch date is particularly appropriate.

Notably, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is being developed by Vancouver-based Next Level Games, which also worked on the second Luigi’s Mansion game, the 2013 Nintendo 3DS exclusive Dark Moon.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, the titular hero goes on a dream vacation to a luxurious hotel with Mario and friends. However, the villainous King Boo reveals that this has been a trick to capture Mario and friends, forcing Luigi to step up and save them.

This time around, Luigi has an upgraded Poltergust G-00 gun to offer him new moves like Slam, Suction Shot and Burst. Meanwhile, returning ally Professor E. Gadd has given Luigi an all-green doppelganger called Gooigi, which will help the timid plumber navigate dangerous areas.

A friend can hop in the game to play as Gooigi at any time. Meanwhile, up to eight people can play online in the ScareScraper mode, which features time-based challenges across a series of floors.

If you’re interested in Luigi’s Mansion 3, it’s worth noting that Nintendo is currently running a promotion that gives you a discount when you buy two Switch games together.

The promotion — which includes Luigi’s Mansion 3 — lets you purchase or pre-order various Switch games for $132.99 CAD. In other words, you’ll save up to $26.99 if you’re buying two $79.99 titles.

This offer ends on July 31st.